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What are modelling balloons made of???

We are all very worried about our planet and trying to do what we can, as individuals, to help the environment.  I have recently become aware, after talking to a few individuals, that there is a common misconception that modelling balloons are made out of plastic and bad for the environment.


I am happy to be able to tell you that this is not the case.  The Qualatex latex modelling balloons that Suzi Q Balloons uses are actually made from the sap of the Havea tree.   These trees grow in South America and the East Indies and more trees are planted and grown specifically to produce the sap.  I am happy to say that balloon modelling is an industry which necessitates the planting of trees, rather than the destruction, unlike so many industries in modern times.  Once the trees are past their best for using sap, they are then used to make furniture and new young trees are planted. 

Because the balloons are made from natural rubber, they will bio degrade over the course of 6 months to a year.  They do need to be in a natural environment, with earth and water to break them down.  But you can be happy in the knowledge that the balloon you receive from me will not still be around on the earth in hundreds of years time!